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学术讲座【 Laser Immunotherapy for Cancer A Journey from Benchtop to Bedside

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主讲: Wei Chen, University of Central Oklahoma,教授,博士生导师



   Dr. Chen currently is Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Department of Engineering and Physics, Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Education and Research, and Dean of the Colleges of Mathematics and Science, at the University of Central Oklahoma.  

  Dr. Chens main research interests include laser-tissue interactions, laser photothermal treatment of cancer, anti-tumor immune responses induced by laser treatment, simulation of light transport in tissues, and monitoring of cancer treatment using magnetic resonance imaging, photoacoustic imaging, IR thermal imaging, and other modalities.Dr. Chen is co-inventor of the novel immunoadjuvant, glycated chitosan.He is also the co-inventor of the novel cancer treatment method, laser immunotherapy (also named inCVAX), using laser irradiation and immunological stimulation.Laser Immunotherapy has been used in initial clinical trials for late-stage, metastatic melanoma and breast cancer patients with promising outcomes.Dr. Chen had published more than 130 peer-reviewed articles and more than 160 conference proceeding papers.He has been awarded eight US patents and several international patents.He served from 2011 to 2015 the Editor-in-Chief for the international Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology.Dr. Chen established in 2006, and since chaired, the international conference Biophotonics and Immune Responses at the annual Photonics West Symposium sponsored by SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics).Dr. Chen was elected SPIE Fellow in 2007.Dr. Chen, as principal investigator, has been awarded more than $6.5 million education and research funding from federal and state agencies, as well as industrial sponsors.  


   Cancer has been a leading cause of death since the beginning of human history.Various therapies have been developed, yet cancer remains to be one of the biggest medical challenges for researchers and practitioners.In an attempt to target the root cause of cancer, we developed laser immunotherapy (LIT).LIT aims at eradicating cancers by enlisting the help of the host immune system through a local intervention.It uses the combination of laser phototherapy and immunotherapy to induce tumor-specific immune responses.In our pre-clinical and preliminary clinical studies, LIT is shown to be highly effective against metastatic tumors.The experimental results indicated a systemic, long-term anti-tumor immunological response induced by LIT, using the entire tumor cell as the sources of tumor antigens, based on the principle of in situ autologous whole-cell cancer vaccination.This talk will introduce to the audience the history and current status of cancer, cancer immunotherapies, and LIT its development and its pre-clinical and preliminary clinical results.I will also discuss our preliminary experimental results using the combination of LIT and checkpoint inhibitors in cancer treatment.


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